Propagation to Eastern Europe and Asia

The following comments from Bob Brown, NM7M, are regarding propagation between Eastern Europe/Asia and Scarborough Reef:
The paths to Eastern Europe are shorter than those to Western
Europe, at most 8,500 to the European Russia and the Ukraine
and lesser distances into the lower parts of Russia.  Again,
with the low latitude at Scarborough Reef, great-circle paths
to those regions won't go to high latitudes and being shorter
than those discussed earlier, propagation on them should be
predicted more reliably.  And, stations at lower latitudes,
say Kazakhstan would have access to the 21 MHz band while
locations in Asiatic Russia at higher latitudes would only be
able to reach 18 MHz in contacting The Reef.
Of course, Japan being only one hop away from The Reef and
also at a low latitude where the ionosphere is particularly
well supplied with ionization, operators at The Reef may
expect to find JA signals on all the bands and at all hours,
even on 21 MHz and above.  The good part of the matter is
that JA operators are well-mannered and stand-by when asked.
So Scarborough operators can expect their cooperation to keep
any sort of local QRM at a manageable level during the period
of the DXpedition.

For everything you need to know about basic HF radio propagation, you should pick up a copy of Bob's book, The Little Pistol's Guide to HF Propagation. It's available for $10 (plus $2 S&H) from Worldradio Books, P.O. Box 189490, Sacramento CA 95818, U.S.A. Or, for on-line information regarding radio propagation, check out the propagation links on the N4GN Home Page.
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