Pictures from Tim and Joana's Wedding

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Engagement day!
01 January, 2003

The wedding site shortly before the ceremony

The radiant bride!
Maria Joana Baylosis Totten

The best man, Mark Steven Williams, getting the finishing touches as the groom looks on

Mother of the bride
Milagros H. Baylosis

The new family
Joana, Tim and Phivocs

Phivocs, Joana and Mommy Mila

Mary Tamra Brown (Tim's sister and Matron of Honor), Tim and their parents

The new family with the Mayor of Tagaytay, Francis N. Tolentino
Mayor Tolentino officiated our wedding ceremony

Joana and Tim with the ring bearer (Phivocs),
flower girl (Lianne) and arrhae bearer (Emman)

Tim and his sister, Tamra

Joana's brothers and their wives
Imee, Milani, Chie, Joana, Tim, Cocoy, Fernan, Dodo

The new family with our parents
Phivocs, Mila Baylosis, Joana, Tim, Juanita and Brad Totten

A mini-hamfest!
Christine, DU3YL; Robin, DU9RG; Mark, K9GX; Joana, N4GN-XYL;
Tim, N4GN; Brad, K4EFD; James, 9V1YC/N1YC; Roger, DU1KT

The happy couple!

Yeah! We made it!

On the day after the wedding, several of the guests took a boat to the Taal volcano.
Phivocs got to drive!

Joana, on our honeymoon in Krabi, Thailand

Tim and Joana had fun elephant trekking in Thailand.

Here are several more pictures from the wedding. Most of these were scanned by Joana. Others were taken by Mark or Tim. | Tim and Joana's Wedding
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