Pictures from ZA

Happy gathering at the Project Goodwill Albania 2003 QSL
Service Desk at the Vertex Standard (Yaesu) booth in Dayton.
Standing from left: OH2PM, W6OSP, K6AW, G3LQP, DL6LAU, OH2BH,
K7JA and N4GN. Seated: Geni, ZA1B and Teemu, SM0WKA.

Happy new owners of Yaesu FT100 transceivers!
From top: ZA1DC, ZA1DJ and ZA1BH.
The Finnish company Efore (OH2BDD) donated five of
these battery-backed backed switching power supplies.

Klajd, ZA1DC's happy face tells it all.
Klajd is hungry to get integrated to the world ham community
and make QSOs. Here he is enjoying the new University Club
station, ZA1UT, that will be inaugurated on 18 June.

Pertti, OH2PM leads an antenna party in the remote village
of Divjake. Steve, ZA/HA5NLI is the IARU project local
technical expert, and is also responsible for NATO telecom
needs in the country as another new licensee from Project
Goodwill Albania. On the right is the newly established
station owner, Geni, ZA1BS observing together with another
Geni, ZA1B from the 1991 course.

These happy small gatherings in a remote Albanian
villages are very warm and emotional. They make those
participating feel the true opportunities of amateur radio
in many remote and developing countries of the world.

Here Geni, ZA1BS is sporting his Yaesu-donated FT-847
while Martti, OH2BH oversees his first contacts with
Mike, W0YR and Jim, WX3B. See Geni's personal profile
along with those of other Albanian newly-licensed hams
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